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26 Feb

Working on This Little Web Design Project

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It is a pretty simple thing. In fact it is little more than a blob right now. I do not have a lot of content now and in fact what I have is pretty lame if I am being honest about. Of course I was not paying for something and I just found something I could use for testing until I got something better. I found some blog entries about something called Sizegenetics in Canada. It is something that claims to make your penis bigger and I actually read the stuff that it said, mostly because it made me want to laugh out loud. It is sort of funny, but I guess there is some chance that it might work.

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17 Nov

Financing a Dental Procedure

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Prompt and effective quality dental care has become an inevitable pillar of health care. Every day, hordes of eager clients line up to see dentists for preventive care, barely visible braces, dental implants, or full-mouth dental care, as there is a suitable state-of-the-art solution to almost every cause of crooked smiles and troublesome dental deformities. Nonetheless, every dental procedure comes at a cost and each patient must be prepared to pay as much as the quality of expected dental care. Besides, when the dental procedure sought by the patient is deemed elective and not covered in full by dental insurance, then the patient must find the money to pay the dental care bills.

Thinking beyond Dental Insurance

When reflecting about financing dental procedures, it is usually prudent never to consider a dental insurance cover as a pay-all option. In fact, dental insurance functions more like a yearly discount coupon, which can only pay a maximum of $1,000-1,500 per year. When faced with financing a huge and unforeseen dental procedure, dental insurance is typically less helpful. Moreover, the insurance can only cover certain aspects of big-ticket dental care that are decided upon by the insurance company and the employer. Equally, dental insurance does not help individuals seeking limited dental care and aesthetic dental procedures. Therefore, to finance most dental procedures, individuals must be prepared to save enough money, seek out for discounts from dentists, opt for dentists offering extended payment plans for procedures taking several months to complete, and explore credit options.

Creative Ways of Financing Dental Procedures

When going for cosmetic and reconstructive dental procedures that may cost thousands, it is advisable to choose dentists who accept credit cards and outside financing. For example, organizations such as Chase, CareCredit, and Citibank provide reduced financing for dental bills. Secondly, patients should discuss the fees for the procedures with their dentists before they schedule their treatments. This way, they can budget for and prepare well for upcoming treatments. Thirdly, patients should opt for affordable interim treatments to prevent their conditions from worsening as they prepare and save money for the ultimate procedures. Furthermore, dental patients should opt for dentists who offer in-house membership programs which avail discounts and exciting deals to regular clients.

Borrowing Options for Financing Dental Procedures

Financing high-cost dental treatments requires a lot of money and patients are often compelled to borrow money. One of the most useful borrowing options is the general-use credit card. Many dPaydayLoansentists accept credit card payments and will allow their patients to settle their dental care bills using their credit cards. However, for consumers to use their general-use credit cards without tying up credit for other needs and without attracting higher interests than on other kinds of loans, they should look for single-digit interest rate deals on transferring existing card balances to new cards.

Those with bad credit may have to borrow from a family member or finance through a payday advance in an emergency situation. Payday loans can be a good solution but only if you are sure you can pay back the loan at payday. Otherwise, with the high interest rates charged, a payday advance would probably be a bad idea.

Dental care consumers should use healthcare credit cards. Healthcare specific credit cards have been designed to allow patients to go for as many dental treatments as are possible, provided they do not exceed their credit limits. The cards come with interest rates as low as 14.9% and may be completely interest free if consumers get promotional healthcare credit cards. Thirdly, dental care consumers can use healthcare installment loans. The loans are large enough (1,000 or more) to settle most dental procedure bills and come with pre-set payment schedules, fixed interest rates, low monthly installments and loan re-financing opportunities. Finally, consumers can opt for collateral-secured, low-interest equity loans for dental financing. The collateral can be anything of value, such as a home, but the equity loans usually avail huge sums of money and can take care of all costly dental procedures.

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